Prepared Office

Hazir ofis 3f83120fb6da7a50f97e11cb5de02454249ccc4279ebd37b318e682016ea0c35 2500 TL + VAT per Monthly
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Prepared office available from 9AM to 7PM
  • Printer and scanner
  • Door Lock
  • Closer
  • Writing Board
  • Cork Board
  • Hot Drinks
  • Reception
  • Meeting Room for 4 Hours
  • Free Events
  • Refreshments
  • Starbucks filter coffee
  • Turkish coffee
  • Registered Office
  • Call Center*
* You can have this service for 100 TL + VAT mothly.


(e.g: 5xx xxx xx xx)

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What Is The Prepared Office?

Prepared Office is an office system customized to suit the needs of the customer and aims the effortless utilization. It has been tested for the concordance with its technical infrastructure and it is designed according to demand. The general design and the furnitures are choosen according to the results of sectoral analysis. Compliance with specified standards is in the foreground.

Guest welcoming service is an invariable part of the ready-made office system. The moment that a company interacts with the customer for the first time has great importance for the identity of the establishment. A warm, sincere and respectful first step is the beginning of a good business relationship. The guest should feel comfortable with the attentive service. In the Prepared Office system, experienced staff aim to make the guests feel special.

Another important first encounter for the company is the moment the office phone is answered. When the call is going on, warm and respectful approach, emphaty ability, and the solution-finding as necessary are offered. Experienced staff with high awareness receives the demands quickly and offers appropriate solutions.

It has been near impossible to own a business in central locations nowadays due to the increase in the real estate prices. Those increases in the prices are highly challenging for the consumer, especially in the areas that are close to the transportation networks. High rents and witholding taxes challenge entrepreneur that wants to start a new business to the point of not being able to start at all. Prepared Office system is a necessity to solve all these problems and make it much more easier for the companies.

In Prepared Office system, planning and compliance with the customer are of great importance. Since cleaning and security services will be provided by the Prepared Office, there will be no extra responsibility for the customer. Prepared Office services are getting more and more popular all over the world by offering great convenience and necessary facilities, resolving time and energy losses with various alternatives available, aiming to maximize the comfort of the guests and helping them utilize the office however they see fit.

With the Prepared Office service of Levent Ofis, all you need to do is to grab your computer and personal belongings and start working. Our dream was to increase productivity by creating a space where everyone feels happy as we started our journey with our "creative working space for success" motto. With the feeling of your spirit being lifted as soon as you enter the office and comfortable but motivating aura, are you ready to take your place in Levent Ofis?


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