Shared Office

Sinirsiz ortak alan 810x540 56dc810a1c16b1ae4785812f54becbd2069aed6c512ac13227f9d6abff260348 400 TL + VAT Monthly
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Common areas between 9-19
  • Printer and scanner
  • Hot Drinks
  • Free Events
  • Refreshments
  • Reception
  • 2 hour meeting room
  • Starbucks filter coffee
  • Official Address*
  • Call Center**
* You can have this service for 100 TL + VAT mothly.
** You can have this service for 100 TL + VAT mothly.


(e.g: 5xx xxx xx xx)

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What is The Shared Office?

Shared office is a work space that people work together effectively,interact and share their experince with each other. People prefer these office spaces because of abnormous increase in the number of employees, resonable prices and being motivated by collaboration.

This shared office area gives you the opportunity to collaborate easily, for example a developer, designer, marketing specialist or your other colleagues can be your working friends or even partners.

By having a shared office, you’ll have a dedicated desk and in the breaks you can have chance to socialize with your colleagues in the lounge area.


For more detail information please leave your mail adress, we’ll contact you.

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