Levent Ofis Technology was established to find solutions to the digital needs of the companies.With the expert staff, web development, mobile application development, SEO and web designs are made by Levent Ofis.In order to offer the best service for you, we work innovatively. Specialist in their field, implement your ideas.


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Our experts are the most talented people in their work. We aim to add the best value for your company by working quickly and effectively.

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When we are developing a product, we foresee the problems that can be met in the process .We take precautions with the help of enhanced software project so far.

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When your product is developing we care about your thougths and due to your feedbacks we improve your product.

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Most of our works take place through the references, because of that we try to provide satisfaction of each of our new customers, We do our job with maximum care to work together in the next project.


Website Software Development

The choice of many companies throughout the world, by using Ruby on Rails lots of different featured web sites are developed. According to your needs;
  • Corporate website
  • E-commerce website
  • Online payment system
  • Personal website
are developed and adding value for your firm. In addition to that Levent Ofis technology works on web sites interface development, new design development or design improvement. By doing these kind of regulations, we make your company’s website more modern than before and mobile friendly.
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Mobile Application Development

Levent Ofis technology choose the best mobile application development method according to your needs and develop your application for different platforms like IOS, Android and Windows Phone. Hybrid Mobile App Development and Native Mobile App Development which is enhanced by Apple and Google are the technologies that we use.According to your needs:
  • IOS Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Messaging application
  • Social media application
work on these kind of projects, we provide your product to release on App Store and Google Play Store.

Other Services

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Web Design

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